Aimee & Matt | December wedding

The first thing Aimee and Matt said when meeting us was that they had chosen us based on our work, as well as our faith.
Can I just tell you what a joy it is to meet and befriend other believers through our business?
It is such a rarity , such a blissful moment, to meet your brothers and sisters in Christ,
and see their faith through their love for each other.
its just beautiful! and we were so honored to be a part of such a spirit-filled wedding.

IMG_1129 copy


IMG_1160 copy

IMG_1181 copy

IMG_1212 copy


IMG_1230 copy

IMG_9890 copy



IMG_1305 copy

IMG_1300 copy

IMG_0059 copy

IMG_1452 copy

IMG_1486 copy

IMG_1547 copy

IMG_1770 copy

IMG_1522 copy


IMG_1806 copy


IMG_1832 copy copy

IMG_1884 copy

IMG_1940 copy

IMG_1835 copy

IMG_1897 copy


IMG_2034 copy

this sign said “drinks!?!” needless to say, Matt had us laughing most of the day ; )
and these centerpieces below? the man next to us kept joking about how obsessed I was with them – I just could not stop taking pictures of them! I love the use of the fake “snow” with the candle. it was just perfect.

IMG_2088 copy


During their wedding, their groomsmen dubbed us “the wedding ninjas” – we were honored! ;P
Love capturing those moments usually gone unnoticed.


For each wedding, Steve and I make silly bets with each other.
For this wedding, we bet whether or not the ribbon on the cake was edible.
…guess who got a full breakfast for a week? oh yes!

IMG_0519 copy

IMG_0521 copy


IMG_2186 copy

IMG_2209 copy

IMG_2233 copy

IMG_1878 copy



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