inspired – hope of spring

I know, I know. Its not even february yet. but with bulbs blooming on the windowsill, and my sidejob of working at the Gap and seeing BATHING SUITS out already, I can’t help but to feel spring just around the corner. With spring comes new buds, warm weather, and beautiful weddings! I’ve gathered some inspiration for you brides to be for some creative, unique bridal details. We love photographing those special diy’s and quirky little extras ; )


some woodsy ring box ideas
one | two








Soda-pop & beautiful bunting. and don’t forget the twinkle lights!

so much magic with some simple details. Best is, if you get Jones Soda, you can have them made personalized with your picture, and/or something written about your wedding! great for the toast, as well as to take home (I’m guilty of using Jones Soda bottles for vases ; )

one | two & three | four



Peach hues! and better then that, mismatched peach hues! or mixmatched anything, really. Let each bridesmaid show who they are and feel comfortable in their dress while still keeping with your wedding theme. 

| one |




Throw things! glitter, confetti, bird seed (though, we did that for our wedding, and wouldnt recommend doing it in extreme heat! oh my, were we covered..)
many throw fun while the bride and groom are leaving, but what about the all important kiss? Give your bridesmaids and groomsmen something to throw during your kiss, or even sometime of cute noisemaker? streamers? whatever suits you two best. just have fun!

| image found on pinterest- source unknown | 



so ladies and gents, what unique ideas do you have? we’d love to see them!
if youre interested, follow us on pinterest and add us to your {private} wedding board. we’d love to share and brainstorm ideas!




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