i’m feeling 22

My sister made me listen to Taylor Swift today, to sing along to “22”. Today was my 22nd birthday (which, surprise surprise, being 22 is nothing like Taylor’s lyrics imply. )

My birthday request was church with the family, then out to Terrain for the afternoon. As i’ve previously posted, Terrain is my absolute favorite place. I could spend days there. and gather ideas like flowers. Oh, and I did gather flowers. and the new Kinfolk. and a patterned shirt. Goodness, birthdays are fun.

I took a few pictures while there, none of which involve me, and most of which involve my sister and her sweet man,







and heres a photograph of my mom, who, by the way, never models for me but should really begin to. look at her! she’s a natural.




hooray for new birth-years and family time!

ending the day with tea, time with Steves brother before he leaves for Japan,
and a bit of light reading. life is so good. enjoying simple pleasures.


4 thoughts on “i’m feeling 22

  1. You are so talented !!!
    You capture more then just a picture, you capture a story….
    You are gifted beyond your years !!
    ❤ keep up all that hard work ❤

  2. I turned 22 last October and hearing the Taylor swift song made me laugh out loud. I agree it’s a little out of touch with what it’s actually like to be 22. I’m glad you enjoyed your birthday! It looks like it was such a peaceful day with family 🙂

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